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Choice Blog Entries: Coaching, Worship and Heaven

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Want to Be a Good Ministry Coach?
This is a great entry from Exagorazo’s blog.  If you are a coach or mentor to anyone, this short entry is worth your time to read.  It is balanced, practical and helpful.  Exagorazo is the same program at Fuller as I, but in a different Cohort.

The Right Kind of Worship
Ben shares his thoughts on what true worship leads to, when we are worship in spirit and in truth.  While this entry is short, it is also "robust."

Heaven in the Rear-view Mirror

Byron has done a much needed series on heaven – not the end of the world.  In this entry he has cataloged the entire series of entries that he has done on this topic – sixteen.  This series will help you understand our hope, "that God’s kingdom come, and his will be done on earth as it is in heaven."

2 Responses to Choice Blog Entries: Coaching, Worship and Heaven

  1. Thanks, especially, for Ben’s post! i am so glad i have found his blog as i resonate with so much of what he writes! Adele

  2. Byron says:

    Thanks again for the link. I love the images you use.

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