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Advent Resources – A Season of Hope

Advent is a season of hope.  It is the beginning of the Christian Calendar Year.  The season starts four Sunday’s before Christmas, which means this year December 3rd is the beginning of advent.  At Kairos Los Angeles we are doing a four part series on Becoming a People of Hope. Hope is a wish for life to be better than it is, the imagination to look beyond the bad to the good that can be, and the faith to believe that the good you imagine and wish for is actually possible.  The reason we can have hope, is because our hope is in Christ, the “righteous branch” in the line of David who will do justice and righteousness.  Our hope is in the one who will eventually make things right.   

In preparation for this season I have stumbled across a number of sites that I have found helpful in my preparation.  Here are a few: 

The General Board of Discipleship – United Methodist Church
This page gives the entire Revised Common Lectionary for 2006, with Worship Planning Helps as well as preaching helps.  I found it very helpful.

Advent:  A Season of Flashbacks and Previews
This is a great overview of the season with this Lectionary Year C, by Safiyah Fosua.  It is both concise and rich.

Well Springs Advent Resources
Resources straight from the UK on Advent

Advent and Christmas Resources
Resources from the Mennonite Church USA a Peace and Justice Network

Advent Resources form Anglicans Online
Anglicans online has many resources listed on this page, from calendars to books, websites and music.

Advent by Textweek
From General Resources, to worship planning, to artwork, devotionals and articles.

I think you will find these resources helpful as you prepare for Advent this year.  If you have other resources you would recommend, please mention them.  We can try and develop a growing list that is helpful for those following the Christian Calendar Year. May you experience the hope, peace, joy and love the Christ brings this Advent season.

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