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N.T. Wright on Sharing the Gospel in a Postmodern World

Christianity Today just posted an article by N.T. Wright entitled Mere Mission, where N.T. Wright talks about how to present the gospel in a postmodern world.  It’s a great read.

Here is on excerpt on the interview

"Your book Simply Christian speaks to people outside the faith, in what must be a conscious imitation of C.S. Lewis’s Mere Christianity. What made you want to write to that audience?

suppose I’ve always wanted to say to my contemporaries in the wider
world, "This stuff matters; it’s life transforming; it’s world
transforming." Much of my academic life has been spent exploring
underlying issues, particularly about the central events in the gospel.
But now it really is time to say, "So what does it mean?"

I’ve done all that historical work, my view of the gospel and how it
works out in the real world has been deepened and enriched in all kinds
of ways that I would never have guessed 25 years ago when I was
starting out writing about Jesus. So in Simply Christian
there’s a lot about justice, what it means to be human in the mandate
to work, the putting to rights of God’s world, generating beauty,
alleviating poverty, working with ecology. Thirty years ago I would
have said those were secondary issues.

There’s an
old evangelical saying, "If he’s not Lord of all, he’s not Lord at
all." That was always applied personally and pietistically. I want to
say exactly the same thing but apply it to the world. We’re talking
about Jesus as the Lord of the world-not the Lord of people’s private
spiritual interiority only, but of what they do with their money, with
their homes, with the wealth of nations, and with the planet."

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  1. john santic says:

    Thanks JR, this is a helpful article and NT is a favored scholar of mine…

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