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Ecclesia Conference


So I am currently at the Ecclesia Network Conference, a gathering taking place in the Washington D.C. area.  Ecclesia is a network of churches helping each other nurture churches that embody the good news in the neighborhood.  Our guest speakers are David Fitch, and Alan and Deb Hirsch. They have been sharing a bit from their various books that are out and some that are forth coming.

Here are a few quotes that I thought would be great to reflect on.  Today I will share some thoughts from Fitch  Fitch shared the first few messages, here was a quote or two from him:

"The primary task is to shepherd communities of character, that can embody witness of who we are in Christ within the world." 

Quoting some philosopher whose name I forgot, "When knowledge is viewed as a story, it is proclaimed.  When knowledge is viewed as universal fact it must be proved."

Elements of a Proclamation/Narrative Sermon
Fitch likes to start with a story that describes an experience that people are going through, making the truth absolutely clear so you can experience and live out of it.  Mostly he uses a current film story, sometimes a novel, a story in the congregation or personal story.
Scripture as the Center – hone in on the text and proclaim it over that experience.
Rhetorical Phrase – craft a rhetorical phrase, since we tend to only remember one thing.
Historical Exegesis is Chastened – A brief thought on a word, if helpful.
Liturgical Response – Confession of sin, affirmation of truth, responding to the gospel right there.  Act of submission to God in prayer.  Give some time of silence.
Enter into the New Reality – helping people experience the new creation.
Personal Redirection – people redirecting their desire.

There was other great thoughts as well. 

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