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Celtic Prayer – Lord of My Heart

Rosedale Light
Originally uploaded by Jim Barter

Lord of my heart, give me vision to inspire me, that,
working or resting, I may always think of you.

Lord of my heart, give me light to guide me, that,
at home or abroad, I may always walk in your way.

Lord of my heart, give me wisdom to direct me, that,
thinking or acting, I may always discern right and wrong.

Lord of my heart, give me courage to strengthen me, that,
among friends or enemies, I may always proclaim your justice.

Lord of my heart, give me trust to console me, that,
hungry or well-fed, I may always rely on your mercy.

Lord of my heart, save me from empty praise, that,
I may always boast of you.

Lord of my heart, save me from worldly wealth, that
I may always look to the riches of heaven.

Lord of my heart, save me from military prowess, that
I may always seek your protection.

Lord of my heart, save me from vain knowledge, that
I may always study our word.

Lord of my heart, save me from unnatural pleasures, that
I may always find joy in your wonderful creation.

Heart of my own heart, whatever may befall me,
rule over my thoughts and feelings,
my words my actions.

6 Responses to Celtic Prayer – Lord of My Heart

  1. Terry B says:

    Wish that I could write songs…the words to this prayer would be a great basis for one!

    A few years ago, Ragamuffin Band did a song called, Make me an Instrument, based on the Prayer of Saint Francis as well as the prayer that was written in St. Patrick’s breastplate.


    Maybe one of your readers could turn this into a song 😉

  2. JR,

    My brother in law turned me on to your blog. I hope you don’t mind, but I took this prayer and photo and posted in my blog, I did however link to your blog.

    I am a future planter in the Lehigh Valley of Pennsylvania in 2009. Thanks for the lessons from the Planters – do you have more coming?



  3. JR Woodward says:


    I’m glad that you passed the prayer on. So who is your brother in law? That is cool that you are planting a church in 2009 and yes I will have many more posts for church planters. Some tomorrow. Peace. Also, if you give me your email, I can send you some stuff that might be helpful for your church planting endeavors.

  4. My brother in law’s name is Rob and he lives in the Lehigh Valley. Not sure how he connected with your site, probably one of the Missional or Emergent sites or maybe the Jesus Creed blog?

    My email is lvp2009@gmail.com. Thanks for anything you can send. It is totally appreciated!



  5. Rob says:

    Hiya there, I’m Richie’s brother in law. We had some dialog about Good Will Hunting a few weeks ago. Love your blog!

  6. JR Woodward says:


    Oh yeah. I remember you. Thanks for your encouragement. I appreciate that. Peace.

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