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Interesting News – Save Money, President, Images

40 Simple Ways the Web Can Save You Money

If you want to find some ways to save money, techradar reveals forty different ways to cut costs, some you may be familiar with like skype, a free way to make long distance phone calls, especially helpful for overseas calling, to some you may not be aware of like how you may get a cheaper renewal price for your insurance. Check out the tips and let me know which one was most helpful to you.

How the U.S.A. Elects It’s President
This is a lesson in Civics 101, a good review of how the electoral college functions, the three step process and some of the challenges to our current system. So what do you think about the current system? Do you think it is archaic or still relevant.

Image Bookmarking
Ffffound is a place where people bookmark images and a great place for those who want to get their creative graphic juices flowing. Let me know what you think about this site.

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  2. David says:

    I found that money saving list helpful but it seems as though some of those may be UK specific like the uswitch.com website for finding cheaper utility costs. I would love to see a US website for finding cheaper electricity or heating oil rates. Thanks.

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