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Some Tumblr Pages to Check Out

Earlier this month I was introduced to Tumblr, a creative way to communicate pictures, quotes and ideas.  I asked people to share with me their tumblr page, if they had one or if they wanted to make one.  So now I would like to make mention of these different pages.

The first two that I wanted to introduce you to are by Luke Mysse, who also happens to have designed the cover of my first book that should come out sometime next year.  In regard to that book, you can go to my writings and read the first three chapters.  It’s called: Re-Sketching the Church and it is about reimagining leadership in the church.  Anyway, Luke is a great designer, you can find out more about him here.  He has a lot of cool pictures at his tumblr personal blog site.

The other site that Luke is a part of is Eaglez – America’s Sentinels, where he and others post pictures of everything eagles, so check it out, especially if you are into those birds.

The other tumblr site that I wanted to introduce you to is SOMA.LIFE by Chris Thomas.  I like the layout of his pages and the quotes are excellent.  He has six different pages, so check them all out.  Beautiful photographs mixed with meaningful words.  Chris is the one who turned me on to Tumblr.

And of course, if you didn’t check out my tumblr page, you can still do that.  Now it is time for me to tumble out.

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  1. dude – i was away from your blog for a few months and i’ve totally missed that you are coming out with a book. can’t wait to read it!

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