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Discipleship Part IX

Follow Me as I follow Christ - Photo by Firefigher with a Camera

Follow Me as I follow Christ - Photo by Firefigher with a Camera

In this series of posts, I am sharing some short thoughts from each chapter of Dallas Willard’s book The Great Omission and then some brief personal reflections.

Chapter Eight: The Spirit is Willing, But…
Discussing the wise use of our tongue, Willard gives tactical advice for transformation. As we seek God’s help, our tongue begins to encourage versus tear down. Before our behavior changes however, our body must re-orient in the world, not just mentally but also physically. Willard suggests engaging in silence for example, not speaking for a 24-hour period, to learn a new relation to our body – specifically our ears and tongues. In this space, we re-vision our life and learn to use our tongue in wiser, more uplifting ways.

My Thoughts
I have found that praying on my knees is one way that I re-orient my prayer life. Having a worshipful body position on my knees and/or lifting my hands, or on my face, re-orients my senses and actually helps me to connect with God. What about you? What physical things to you do in order to re-orient yourself mentally and spiritually?

3 Responses to Discipleship Part IX

  1. Ian says:

    Sometimes I like to go walking, and pray within nature. It reminds me that I’m part of something bigger and more beautiful than I had imagined, and that points me back to the bigness and beauty of the Creator.

  2. jrwoodward says:


    I’m with you man. When I walk on the beach, hike the mountains or do some snorkeling in the ocean I feel the same way. Thanks for sharing. By the way I enjoyed the last post you made on your blog. I got to your post through your comment here. Peace.

  3. Arlene says:

    Yep the walking I like too…even in my house I have a runway….Before praying, sometimes I put on my MP3 player and sing and dance to the music in my kitchen(lotsa space)…it helps my heart be more thankful…with my extended times with God(day dates) I always have a physical activity to break up the specific reading…& I imagine God right there with me…biking with God…kayaking with God…I always assume He knows how to swim!!…great ideas shared above

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