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Discipleship XI

Follow Me as I follow Christ - Photo by Firefigher with a Camera

Follow Me as I follow Christ - Photo by Firefigher with a Camera

In this series of posts, I am sharing some short thoughts from each chapter of Dallas Willard’s book The Great Omission and then some brief personal reflections.

Chapter Ten: Idaho Springs Inquires Concerning Spiritual Formation
The quote that caught my attention in this chapter of many good questions and thoughtful answers was, “The most despicable as well as the most admirable of persons have had a spiritual formation. Their spirits or hearts have been formed.  We all become a certain kind of person, gain a specific character, and that is the outcome of a process of spiritual formation understood in general human terms” (104).

My Reflection
I am reminded that both “despicable” and “admirable” people engage in spiritual transformation (104) – the question is simply what kind of spiritual formation training are we engaging in, and to what ends?

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  1. Arlene says:

    Good question….mine needs to be more communal than what it is…I’ll get back with you on this one

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