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Discipleship XII

Follow Me as I follow Christ - Photo by Firefigher with a Camera

Follow Me as I follow Christ - Photo by Firefigher with a Camera

In this series of posts, I am sharing some short thoughts from each chapter of Dallas Willard’s book The Great Omission and then some brief personal reflections.

Chapter Eleven: Personal Soul Care
We care for our souls by “accessing the riches of God and His kingdom in the inner person” (122).  We need God’s “divine love permeating every part of our lives” (124) for the “people to whom we minister and speak will not recall 99 percent of what we say to them.  But they will never forget the kind of persons we are” (124).  We must plan for the fullness of life by making time in our schedules to engage the spiritual disciplines.

My Reflection
I desire to bask in God’s love fully, which means I must make the time to engage disciplines where I can receive God’s love continually.

4 Responses to Discipleship XII

  1. Ian says:

    Your reflection reminds me of Luke 10, where Jesus is pleased that Mary gives her full attention to him. I’d love to be in that place of rest and intimacy.

  2. jrwoodward says:


    That is a great passage and image of this reflection. Thanks for the reminder. Peace.

  3. Arlene says:

    I frequently tell my married friends surely you married your spouse because you just wanted to be with them first & foremost…why isn’t it the same with our relationship with God…sometimes they get it…sometimes…”make time”…yep it just doesn’t happen

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