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Attention Church Planters

It is not difficult to realize that church planting is something more people are doing and seeking to do, because there are many opportunities for church planters to get training, coaching and resources.  As a person who has been planting churches for some time and who loves to help church planters, I wanted to let you know about a training event that is happening this coming May in Richmond, Virginia.

Aggelos is a greek word meaning a messenger, envoy, one who is sent, an angel or a messenger from God. It is the name of a theological and practical training for missional church planting that is hosted by the Ecclesia Network, a relational network of churches, leaders and movements that I work with.

This training time is designed for people who are seeking to plant a church within the next two years or are within the first two years of a church plant. It is taught by over a half dozen church planters with a wide and varied range of experience and expertise. So if you are in this category continue to read. If you know people in this category, please point them to this blog entry.


There are a number of distinctives that I enjoy about this particular training time. First of all it is held at Richmond Hill Urban Retreat Center, a Christian ecumenical retreat center in the heart of Richmond. We actually join their prayer rhythms for the week. We do our meals together which allow people to connecting informally with church plant coaches, fellow church planters as well as spiritual directors. It is both theological and practical. It is interactive and taught by practical theologians, meaning people who have been trained theologically and actually plant churches. It is designed for church planters and their teams. Go to the Ecclesia Network to download the brochure and get more information. If you want to go, leave me a comment and I may be able to work out getting you a discount.

The chart below gives you a view of the week. Click on the chart if you want a larger view.

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