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Choice Bog Entries – Eugene Peterson, Macs and Mrs. California


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There are some awesome posts happening around the internet and so at times (I used to to this once a week, and hopefully will recover that habit) I love to point out some of the choice blog entries in the blogosphere. I typically do it in three’s. Here are my three recommendations for this week.

The Wisdom of Eugene Peterson on Church Planting
My good friend and church planter J.R. Briggs has the privilege of having Eugene Peterson as one of his mentors. One of the ways that J.R. (great name huh?) gets mentored is by writing Eugene snail mail letters (since Eugene doesn’t do the email thing). This past week Eugene answered these questions: What are the non-negotiables of being a church planter? And What is the greatest temptation when planting a church – and how do I avoid it. Check out Eugene’s answers.

Mac Love
My friend Noel Heikkinen has a great video displaying an amazing feature on the MacBook. It is a short video that is a must see, especially for those of you who might question the superiority of the Apple computer.

Miss California USA and Sexual Politics
My friend David Fitch has a must read article on how the whole Miss California has personified the duplicity in many people’s approach to gay people, sexual ethics and spiritual formation. It is a challenging post that I would love to hear your feedback on, if you would like to talk about it.

4 Responses to Choice Bog Entries – Eugene Peterson, Macs and Mrs. California

  1. Tina says:

    Hi, JR,

    I really appreciate Eugene’s words. When I read his description of calling members to worship, and knowing them relationally, I feel like a huge space opened up in my heart . It just feels so authentic and intimate, and what the people I know crave.

    When he talks about not viewing people as resources – boy, I know I have done that most of my Christian leadership life! It’s taken a lot of tearing down old ideas in my mind to get me to a place that isn’t about who can do the most for the ministry.

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. jrwoodward says:


    I’m glad that you found that helpful. Eugene is a wise man with much to teach us. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  3. Kevin Chez says:

    Hey JR,

    David Fitch’s article is very timely for me because Laura and I were just talking about how we can bring harmony to the Christian-Gay conversation/debate. We have come to the realization that we are probably going to be asking our gay friends and family members to be patient and tolerant towards Christians & the Church community as we learn to interpret Scripture and discern what the Spirit is saying to us today. You would think that it should be the other way around (Christians showing tolerance) but I believe the evidence shows otherwise. At least this is my observation from the media; there may be pockets of Churches who would read his article and disagree.

    Davids says, “…she [Ms. California] is a symbol for how we project onto gays/lesbians our (evangelicalism’s) own sexual sin thereby making ourselves feel better.” I don’t agree with this at all. Perhaps I am not in tune with the psyche of the Church, but the statement doesn’t even make sense to me.

    My opinion is that the Evangelical Christian who David is writing about would generalize and say homosexuality is a sin because it says so in the Bible; the Bible is God’s word, infallible and non-contradictory so accepting homosexuality will go against God’s will. I don’t think it gets any deeper than that. Does it?

    I say this because five years ago I that would have been my answer. Ms. California gave the answer I would expect to hear from an Evangelical Christian. How she (or Jessica Simpson for that matter) orders the rest her life, i.e., boob jobs, beauty pageants, canoodling with Michael Phelps, etc., is irrelevant to her view on homosexuality and gay marriage. This would be more a failure of church youth groups and parents not knowing how or not taking on or conceding the responsibility to raise kids in our sexualized society. David makes some good points on that and lists solutions that would be good for us to consider.

    As I said in the beginning, I am trying to figure out how to articulate to my gay friends and family what Christians believe and why. I think I am going to have to ask them to be patient with us as we work this out in our own souls and in our churches (at least in my situation and sphere).

    This article has come as I am trying to think through these issues so I will stop here.


  4. RobS says:

    Hi JR,

    I found David’s article very well thought out and he’s right to point out that all in the church have flaws and sins of various types. I would have to think more about the comments at the bottom where he suggests he is for the concept of a “civil union” though.

    I think with marriage, the man & wife (although flawed) still enter the relationship with understanding and expectation of physical intimacy. God created and has no problem with the physical intimacy in that union. But God does call homosexual physical intimacy a sin. I ask, “Does allowing for civil unions facilitate or give support to allowing and encouraging a physical intimacy that God calls sin?” God would not encourage the civil union if it led to temptation or sin, so should we?

    David’s points about the difficulties between church & gay community though are true. Unfortunately both sides have taken very serious and almost militant stant points, making immediate mass-reconciliation difficult. Individual reconciliation is likely the place to start.


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