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This Week with Henri Nouwen – Spiritual Dryness

Van Gogh“Sometimes we experience a terrible dryness in our spiritual life. We feel no desire to pray, don’t experience God’s presence, get bored with worship services, and even think that everything we ever believed about God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit is little more than a childhood fairy tale.

Then it is important to realise that most of these feelings and thoughts are just feelings and thoughts, and that the Spirit of God dwells beyond our feelings and thoughts. It is a great grace to be able to experience God’s presence in our feelings and thoughts, but when we don’t, it does not mean that God is absent. It often means that God is calling us to a greater faithfulness. It is precisely in times of spiritual dryness that we must hold on to our spiritual discipline so that we can grow into new intimacy with God.” – Henri Nouwen

One Response to This Week with Henri Nouwen – Spiritual Dryness

  1. Michael says:

    Spiritual dryness, it would seem to me, to be that place where we have long been taught life is lived….BUT, in all reality the living be done is that effort we are making to make real a delusional version of Life. It is dry because it is a lie….no passion for life wet with a desire to touch God deep within.

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