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Help Select a Book Cover

So, I’m taking the popular Good News Series that I hosted earlier on this blog and turning it into a book, because the entries were so rich. The book will have some new things, like a foreward, an introduction as well as a couple of extra chapters. I was hoping that you could give some input on the cover design. The design work is being done by Anna Condon, a freelance graphic designer.

Please let me know which cover you like the best, second best and the third best. And if you have time, let me know why you like that one. Also, in your choosing, please consider which cover best reflects the title and sub-title as well as the design in general. I appreciate you taking the time to help out. Lord willing, if things continue on schedule, the book should be available on Amazon before Christmas. I’ll keep you updated as it goes through various rounds of editing, interior design, permissions, endorsements, etc. I will be tabulating your input Monday Morning on October 12th, so please comment before then. After picking the basic design, I will get your input on tweaks to the design of choice.


Thanks ahead of time for your input!

46 Responses to Help Select a Book Cover

  1. Ali Johnson says:

    Hey JR,

    I love the second one. Think the colouring of it shows the hope of which we all wrote about. The city scene is really cool too and the grassy bit at the the top looks great. Love them all but the second one shines out!


  2. Definitely option #1, no question. Perhaps another revision where the urban environment isn’t so abstracted is in order.

  3. Ryan Bell says:

    Option 1 is my favorite. The other two seem too busy or cluttered to me. I agree with Donovan, too, that perhaps the city scene is too hard to make out. It’s clearer in the other two that we’re looking at city buildings.

  4. evan says:

    I think I’m a fan of #1.

  5. Todd Hiestand says:

    #2 fits the subtitle best.

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  7. Kathy says:

    #1, hands down. 🙂

  8. #1 and then #3. I like the overlay of grass+city in the second two options very much, but it doesn’t seem to pull everything together quite as well as the first option. The weakness of #2 is that it uses the grass twice (above + below). The strength of #3 is that it contrasts the complex photographic overlay with simple illustration.

    I think the first option would do well to have more variety in the stylized cityscapes, illustrating perhaps both dense city and expansive suburb layouts. (I don’t think they’re too abstracted, though.)

    I like how “hope” is set in a heavier font in the third version, and I think that would work well in the first version, which would balance out the fact that its color has been screened back compared with the word “viral.”

    Congratulations and thanks for asking!

  9. brad says:

    Top choice is #3 for overall design. I like the roots going down into the Good News. From my not-so-deep understanding of vineyards, there have to be some obstacles in the soil for the vine’s root system to work around them, and thus gain strength and scope for a more sustainable existence.

    Like the title scheme in #2. To me, the slant draws my eyes upward, which symbolizes hope.

    Thanks for all the work put in on this blog, book, and cover, JR. A labor of love …

  10. Danny says:

    My favorite was #3

  11. Carlo says:

    my fave is number 1. i think the shoots of green sprouting up are a nice picture of the good news.

  12. I like three. The others are a bit cluttered (especially no 1). I tend to have a minimalist sensibility when it comes to design–book covers that I can read from 10 feet away that are straight-forward with subtle design elements appeal to me.

  13. Joe Racek says:

    I like the design of #1 but would suggest thinking about “viralhope” being in green rather than orange, or possibly viral in orange and hope in green?

  14. sonja says:

    I like example number 1 they way how they created it to a design as it is now, especially the colours olive green,grey of the city and the meaning of the title message of the good news. I would not change the colours at all.
    Great job!

  15. Chris N. says:

    I like #1 as well. The other two designs look like they used the same template as half of the christian books that are published everyday

  16. John Santic says:

    Hi JR,

    I like the first cover. Glad to see this series is being published.

  17. sonja says:

    I like #1 … because there always needs to be more roots developed before a plant can grow above ground. However, the title needs more prominence … maybe slightly larger and/or a brighter hue to the color (which I like, but it blends in a little too well).

  18. Brandon says:

    Hello! I’d go with #1 and then #3

  19. Todd says:

    #1 is cool but I don’t think #1 will be as cool when my grandkids are going through my books when i am dead. i’d prefer something less… uh, grunge-like.

  20. Jennifer says:

    i like them in the order they are – first choice is no.1, 2nd is no.2, really i don’t like the green of no.3

  21. Ben Sternke says:

    My favorite is #3, but I’d love to see the orange in that design.

  22. liz hundley says:

    #2, #1, then #3. Actually, the best combo would be if you could combine #s 1 and 2. I like the seedling graphic on #1, which conveys the viral, organic nature you’re talking about in the book. But, the picture of the city behind it is really vague. It should be something more like #2 & #3’s graphic of the city. Also, the tilted graphics of #2 are more eye-catching, in my opinion. the straight, plain “viral hope” of 1 & 3 is somewhat boring. #2’s subtitle should have the closing bracket from #3, though, because I think it brings things more in order. Thanks for asking our input!

  23. Dave says:

    I like #3, as it feels simpler and cleaner. I think the text on #1 looks a bit too light (particularly edited by and forward by) making it hard to read

  24. Josh says:

    I like the roots and theme of #1 best. However, I like the font and angles of #2 better. I agree that the pictures are not as visually interesting, but there is balance. The roots on #3 look more cancerous than organic to me. I guess it really helps the word ‘viral’ pop out. (That is the order of my preference, with strengths and weaknesses)

  25. Dustin says:

    #1 has my vote.

  26. annNEEmaRINKeDEE says:

    First off, really nice things going on here. Great design ideas. I like this concept of viral being expressed in the growth of life, and green growth changing the city scape.

    Now, what is not working for me.
    I think the muted colors here do not speak of hope and life. If the greens and oranges were not so muted, the overall design would jump out and cause me to take notice. As it is right now, I think I would overlook these books. The color scheme is working against the design.

    I really like the one bracket with the sub-title in the second design. The grass in the city is great. I don’t get why you would have the grass in the city and the same grass alone. That’s not working for me. The title placement centered is not as strong as the higher title placement on the third. I fear that I would pass over this book because of its muted colors. If the colors were brighter it would have me and I would be immediately drawn in.

    I like the third design, but I think it is missing out from not having the orange color. Either the brackets and/or title text orange, with orange text on white, or orange bar with white title text would help.

    I am not sure about the first. I think it has the potential to be my FAVORITE, but the colors are working against the overall aesthetic.

    There you go. Hope that helps. I am excited to see that this book is being made!

  27. #3 with a twist of orange would be good. #1 the vine looks a bit sickly, though I like the concept….

  28. Daichi says:

    definitely #1 ;).

  29. J.R. says:

    After thinking about it a bit longer, I actually like #7 best.

  30. Jose says:

    I like #3, next #1, and then #2.

  31. D Minor says:

    I like number 1, then 2, then three. Number one represents the title well.

  32. George says:

    I would say number one is the best of the bunch.

  33. JR Woodward says:

    I really appreciate everybody’s input. Thanks a lot for helping us choose the cover. People can give their thoughts through Thursday, either here, on facebook or through email. Again, I really appreciate you taking the time to give input. Peace.

  34. Jason Clark says:

    No.1 looks more organic, the roots from the suburbs upwards, great title

  35. joey says:

    I’m for 3 because my son just turned 3, and because it is a nice design.

  36. JR Woodward says:

    Jason, I’m glad you like the title.

  37. #2 . I like them all but the title really jumps off the page on the #2. Great designs all around.

  38. annmarie says:

    I am embarrassed to say that I was viewing these designs on a computer monitor that displayed the colors extremely desaturated, thus my previous comments on the muted colors. Sorry about that!

    I am really excited about this book coming out and also glad to see you are working with a talented designer on the cover!!!


  39. jrwoodward says:

    Ann Marie,

    Thanks for those thoughts, though I am going to see what things look like with 1 if the colors were brighter, but I do thank you for making mention of computer monitor.

  40. Alan Briggs says:

    #1 is my vote

  41. JR Woodward says:

    Thanks for all who took the time to vote. The voting is now closed. After counting the votes via email, facebook and this blog, it looks like Cover #1 won by a landslide, though I will probably do some adjustments to that cover making the colors brighter to see if that tweek improves it or not.

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