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Help Me Plan My Trip to Hawaii – The Big Island


So I leave for Hawaii tonight, thanks to a caring friend who decided to fly me down there as well as give me a place to stay. While I have had the privilege to travel to 27 different countries, this will be my very first trip to Hawaii, so I could use a little help in knowing what I should do. My life has been crazy busy, so I haven’t taken much time to plan.  I just have one week there and I am staying on the Kona side of the big island.

Some of my current plans include hanging with my friends, meeting new people, surfing, snorkeling as well as visiting a live volcano and eating some good food. I will probably also have to do a little homework for my class at Fuller. So if you have any suggestions for me, I would deeply appreciate it. If you want to recommend something that I should do, or a good break point for surfing, or a place where snorkeling is good, please let me know. I will be checking your responses upon my arrival at the Big Island. Thanks ahead of time for your recommendations.

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  1. David says:

    Never been but have fun. I hear the coffee is good.

  2. Dave says:


    I’d recommend checking out the lava flows at night near Kalapana if you’re headed to Volcanoes. The best snorkeling we found in Hawaii was on the Kona side at the Captain Cook monument (you can take a boat there or you can hike a few miles down to the monument…the snorkeling is awesome). Another popular spot is “Two Step” but Captain Cook is a bit more brilliant. If you want to explore a bit, South Point is an interesting place – remote, but some beautiful cliffs and water (some cool spots to jump in near the canoe ladders if you’re feeling adventurous). Our favorite place to grab food was at the Coffee Shack on the south end of Kona – really great sandwiches, salads, or pizza and an awesome lanai to eat on. Also, we grabbed food for lunch a few times at Kona Natural Foods and ate at a beach or on a cliff overlooking the landscape – can’t go wrong with the price or the views.

    Have a great time – it’s an amazing place!


  3. Mike T. says:

    Of all the world’s climate zone types, The Big Island has almost all of them (no “polar” zone). A little pricey of course, but they have helicopter rides that will fly you over all of them, including an active volcano. It’s freaking amazing going from tropical to desert to freezing within a few minutes!


  4. jrwoodward says:


    Yeah, I’m going to try some of that Kona coffee and bring some back.


    Thanks for the tips on the lava flows and the Captain Cook monument and other suggestions. I think it will be hard not to have a good time.


    Thanks for the advice. Peace.

  5. Dave says:


    Krissy adds one more idea. We drove up to the top of Mauna Kea (the highest point on the Big Island) for a sunset one night, and it was incredible. You watch the sunset from above the clouds and the stars are unbelievable afterward. An amazing spot. If you go, take a jacket though, it gets cold up there!


  6. jrwoodward says:


    Excellent suggestions. Thanks for mentioning Mauna Keaas well. I think today I am going to go to the Captain Cook snorkeling spot to snorkel. My friend who flew me down has to work a bit this week, so he has a person who grew up in Hawaii taking me around. What is nice is that I get to learn a lot about the history of Islands.

    Did you guys ever visit the black sand beaches or green sand beaches? If so, what did you think of them?

  7. Dave says:

    We saw a few black sand beaches, but didn’t make it to a green sand beach (I think one of the more notable ones is near South Point). They are neat, but not a “must see” in my mind. The beaches tend to be pretty course and rough, though they are cool to see!

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