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Verge LA 2009 – Speaker Topics Part VIII

Verge LA 2009 Smaller

With Verge LA starting up tomorrow (Friday, November 13th), I will be posting a few more topics today and tomorrow. The basic theme of this gathering is looking at what it means to be missional in imaginative ways. Verge LA is where the next BIG idea meets UNconference. Check out this Verge LA post, to learn more about the event and how to sign up. While the event is free, please register through facebook or leave your name on this blog.

Here is another theme and talk at Verge LA 2009:

Theme: Jesus and Mission

Title: Jesus for your Right Brain

Summary Sentence: How do we equip people to become engaged by Jesus relationally rather than passively listening to one-size-fits-all style application from someone they barely know?

Summary paragraph: People change as they encounter God who engages them and meets them exactly where they are. So instead of taking a limited cognitive, talking head approach, we can help them develop an interactive life with God by taking them into gospel scenes where they are engaged by Jesus themselves. This sets them up for conversations with God in which they sense what they most need to hear from God. We’ll try to squeeze in a few exercises.

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