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When Answers Aren’t Enough – Audio Edition is Available

When Answers Aren't EnoughMy friend and author Matt Rogers wrote an excellent book entitled, When Answers Aren’t Enough: Experiencing God as Good When Life Isn’t.  It was a book spurred on by the Virginia Tech Massacre, which is coming up on its third year anniversary April of 2010.

Matt has informed me that the audiobook version of this book is available now.  You can download it from iTunes or Audible.com.  Just search Matt Rogers at either online store and you’ll find it.  The book is narrated by Matt himself, and since he was a radio dj prior to an author, you will enjoy listening to his voice. If you know someone who prefers hearing books to reading them and who might find solace in what Matt has written, take a moment to point them to the audiobook.  You can even give the book to someone through iTunes.  Look for the “Gift This Audiobook” link. Anyway, help spread the word about Matt’s book.

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