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Knowing Christ Today – Notes from talk by Dallas Willard Part I


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Dallas shared some rich thoughts to those of us who were at the pre-conference part of our Ecclesia National Gathering today. Many of these thoughts can be found in his recent book – Knowing Christ Today: Why We Can Trust Spiritual Knowledge. Here are some notes from the talk.

The person who speaks for Christ must be one who has knowledge, not just faith

The Bible is fundamentally a book of knowledge

Knowledge gives you the right and responsibility
-to act
-to direct action
-to formulate and supervise policy, and
-to teach

Four Big Questions in Life

  1. What is reality? What is real?
  2. Who is well off?  Who has it made?
  3. Who is a really good person?
  4. How does one become a good person?

Secular knowledge has no answer to these fundamental questions.  Of course, Jesus does, and we will see what Dallas says about this in Part II.

3 Responses to Knowing Christ Today – Notes from talk by Dallas Willard Part I

  1. Brad Brisco says:

    JR, thanks for sharing from the gathering. I am looking forward to part II. Any chance there will be audio or video from the conference? Thanks

  2. jrwoodward says:

    I don’t think this particular talk was taped, because it was pre-conference, but all of the talks Willard and others give during the gathering will be taped and should be put up on the Ecclesia Network site.

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