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My Interview with Jim Pace About His Upcoming Book: Should We Fire God? – Part III

My good friend Jim Pace (blogging here) has an excellent book that will be released April 8, 2010 entitled Should We Fire God? While the release date is still a couple of weeks away, you can actually pre-order the book now on Amazon.  It is a book that I highly recommend, if you like to go through the full range of emotions –  from tears to laughter – while you are learning more about God, reality and the problem of evil.  You can catch up on Part I and Part II, now for Part III.

JR: Typically publishers print 5,000 copies of a book of a first time author, but my understanding is that your publisher has decided to print several times that amount on the first run. Why did they decide to print so many?

JIM: My first guess is because it is just that awesome. My mother really thinks it is good. My second guess is that the publisher felt that the way I answered the questions isn’t normal. Certainly there is some common wisdom that I draw from, but their hope is that my way of speaking to these issues brings some new light that can speak to a broad range of readers. I am sure the fact that I have already been on a variety of media helps. I have connections that are helpful for getting the word out. An additional piece of that decision I am sure was based on Rick Warren’s gracious decision to write the foreword for the book. I had approached him about writing an endorsement and was blown away with the decision to write a foreword, as he doesn’t do many.

JR: Having had the chance to read the book last year, and knowing a good book goes through many editing stages, as the book is getting ready to be released, if you could write another chapter for this book, what would the topic and title be?

JIM: I think it would be called The Kingdom. I would write more than I was able about how God takes all of these seemingly disconnected strands of our lives and weaves them into the amazing and unfolding portrait of the Kingdom of God. Our pain and our trust in God makes the most sense within that context. I just couldn’t get it in and do it justice in this book. I would also write about other tough issues people face in their walks with God. It looks like that will be a key component of the next book.

JR: What do you think people will like most about the book?

JIM: Wow. Great question. What I have heard so far is that people feel both heard and honored in their suffering and confusion. But they also so they feel helped in their questions that suffering creates. I really hope that holds true.

JR: What do you think people will have the hardest time with?

JIM: Well, I can tell you what some publishers that passed on the book had a hard time with. One called me disrespectful to God, because I honored rough questions and thoughts people have with God, I even shared a number of my own. People will notice my humor and occasional sarcasm and some might question the use of that. Another issue is that you simply cannot speak about issues of this nature in a way that everyone would prefer.

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