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I’m a Social Justice Christian PSA

My friend Ryan Bell invited me to participate with many others in this short one minute video on being a social justice christian. It is put out by New Name Pictures, which is a growing, faith-based community of filmmakers, musicians and other artists, creating transformative films. Check out the video, and spread the word.

Of course to say “I’m a social justice Christian” is a bit redundant, since to be a Christian is to be an active participant in joining God to see his kingdom become a greater reality on earth, which includes social justice. Following Christ is about being reconciled to God, walking with Him, seeking personal wholeness, social justice, and the renewal of all things. In “My Writings” section, I write a paper entitled “A Holistic Gospel” where my thesis is “when people attempt to separate person from social salvation, the result is a faulty (reductionistic) version of the gospel and an unfaithful (anemic) missiology.” The scripture declares that there is both a King and a kingdom, which means that as kingdom citizen’s we have been born into an alternative community under the rule of the King, where we are called to embody an economy of love, to practice justice, and to share our resources with one another. Embodying the ministry of reconciliation demonstrates that we have become part of God’s new creation.

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  1. Ryan Bell says:

    Thanks for participating, JR! I really appreciate your post here, too. I, for one, am willing to be redundant for the sake of the kingdom, espcially in a cultural context in which Christianity barely resembles what Jesus came to say and do. It’s an honor to serve the kingdom alongside you!

  2. J.R.~

    I enjoyed your thoughts in “A Holistic Gospel”…made me kinda chuckle to myself, since one of my mantras is “Don’t neglect the King for the kingdom- trying to have a kingdom without the ‘king’ is just plain dumb.” 🙂


  3. JR Woodward says:


    I agree that in our context today we need to help people to understand what it means to be a Christian, which is why I appreciate your emphasis and project.


    I like your mantra. Great one. Thanks for sharing it.

  4. Rob says:

    Hi JR,

    I truly don’t think I know many people in the video so perhaps it’s hard to identify with them on the message only on a personal basis.

    I checked the web site, apparently I’ll try again later when Internet Explorer is working from their side.

    But one thing I truly hope to find on the web site is a definition of what a social justice Christian is… (now that many people claim the title). I just expect many definitions exist out there. But I think if they can define it with a good Biblical backup, then I think it would be easier to establish a “good” definition to rally Christians to.

    The idea that one person is a Democrat and one a Republican (in the video) does not make me worry either way, I’ve voted both ways in the past — however, I would suggest that might make a few, (on both sides) who still feel very strongly about the labels, be turned off a bit more quickly than the ‘New Name Pictures’ people may intend.

    “Self identified” Republicans are likely to not identify themself with a message that champions traditional Democrat style causes — and vice-versa in some cases.

    Truly it’d be nice if all would come to the table with a desire to understand a bit more and then see what they can do to champion God’s righteousness, peace, and joy here on earth (Romans 14 idea I think it is…)

    I’ll look for the IE supported web site soon and look for maybe a future update!


  5. Becca says:

    Hi JR.

    Do you think you could add us to your blogroll? We’re a social-justice org: http://www.ChristianVolunteering.org . We help social justice Christians DO justice.

    Thanks for a great website. it sucked me in earlier today! :).


  6. Jesus did not come to reform the social systems of his age, but to elevate people beyond them into “the Kingdom of heaven.” Nor do I think we should think our main impact as Christians is in our social systems in this age, but in bringing people to Christ so that they, too, can claim citizenship in Heaven.

    The world’s systems are going from bad to worse. Read Revelation to see the future of government on this planet. No, we must not waste time playing politics, or even spreading any message that is less than “Jesus saves.” If we obscure that message (“So, you’re a social justice…whatever?”), then it won’t matter what kind of justice our society has.

    Let’s say, “Jesus saves. Let me help you meet him. Then, he’ll lead you into obedience. But without His new life inside you, you’re just kidding yourself.” And let’s not be afraid to say this out loud, in public and also in our own homes, with our own neighbors.

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