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My Interview with Jim Pace About His Upcoming Book: Should We Fire God? – Part IV (Conclusion)

My good friend Jim Pace (blogging here) has an excellent book that was released this week entitled Should We Fire God? You can now order the book on Amazon.  It is a book that I highly recommend, if you like to go through the full range of emotions –  from tears to laughter – while you are learning more about God, reality and the problem of evil.  You can catch up on the other parts of the interview here:  Part I, Part IIPart III.  This is Part IV, the final part of the interview.  Check it out.

JR: You use a bit of sarcasm in a book addressing a difficult topic, why do you use sarcasm?

JIM: First, because if I didn’t, everyone that knows me wouldn’t believe it was me who wrote it! Honestly, I have found that humor, and even sarcasm if used well, can be very useful when engaging difficult topics.  So, I guess I use it because I think it helps.

JR: When is the book going to be available and can we purchase the book early?

JIM: The book is available now through Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and several other sites.  It will also be available in bookstores by April 8.  You can get the Kindle version, the audio book, the ebook…  You name it.  For those in the Blacksburg, Virginia area who would like to get the book and help to encourage bookstores to keep it on the shelves, I will be doing a book signing at Books-a-Million in Blacksburg sometime in late April.  My blog jimpace.org will have details as will my Facebook page and through twitter (nlcfjim).   When someone like me writes a book, the challenge is to get the word out so that people will take a look, whether online or in a store somewhere.  So things like book signings and other events are very helpful.

JR: As the book is close to being released, what is going through your mind right now?

JIM: Honestly, I am a mixture of nerves and excitement.  I am very excited to see what God will do through this book.  I know I and many others have prayed about it and over it a lot, so, now it is time to see what God will be up to.  I also know two things:  1) I never remember my dreams.  Honestly, I never do.  And 2) Just about every night I have been having anxiety related dreams for the past couple of weeks.  Hmmmm.

JR: Is there anything else that you would like to share about the book?

JIM: Everyone reading this interview can be a huge help if you will just blog about the book, let me know what you think of it, talk it up on Facebook and Twitter.  If you blog and would like me to guest post, please let me know. To the people you know, you are the one they respect, not me.  Having your help to get the word out is critical for someone like me.  This is grassroots stuff, and that makes it more fun for me (as I get to more personally connect with so many people) and it means if you like the book you can have an immediate and meaningful impact on who hears about it.  I will also be updating everything with my media information and other thoughts through the process.

Finally, I do want to say something about you, JR.  And I would like you to include this in the interview. For those of you who don’t know JR personally, but follow his blogging, let me tell you this, what he blogs about is true to his life.  JR was a pivotal person in helping me to really start walking with Jesus and in the shaping of what that walk would look like.  So, I have been able to know him and count him as a close friend for sixteen years.  He loves Jesus deeply, reflects on the life Jesus would have him live deeply and lives what he writes about.  There have been more than a few instances where JR has shown great generosity and hasn’t told anyone about it.  There have been times where he has taken a much harder road out of integrity.  There have been times where he has refused authority and power (even when it would have been godly for him to accept it) because he sensed God wasn’t leading him in that direction.

So, as a long-term friend, I guess I would say that I listen carefully to his thoughts, consider deeply his counsel and respect him a great deal.  Your life will benefit if you do the same.

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