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The Wisdom of Stability by Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove

My friend Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove has a new book that just came out entitled: The Wisdom of Stability: Rooting Faith in a Mobile Culture.  Check out this video.

I sense that Jonathan is onto something important here in this book.  Something that we in this very transient world of our might find helpful, refreshing and challenging.  Here is a taste of this book from the Introduction.

“This is a book about staying put and paying attention.  In  a culture that is characterized by unprecedented mobility and speed, I am convinced that the most important thing most of us can do to grow spiritually is to stay in the place where we are.  I am not advocating a stubborn provincialism or harking back to a time before the Internet and the automobile when “things were simpler” and “life was easier.”  Nor am I denying that God called Abraham, saying, “Go…” or that Jesus left his disciples with roughly the same marching orders.  But I am convinced that both our use of new technologies and our faithful response to God’s call depend on something more fundamental – a rootedness that most of us senee we are mission in our hurry to keep up amid constant change.  I believe we need to recover the wisdom of stability.”  The Wisdom of Stability is now available on Amazon for a good price.  Check it out!  Jonathan draws from some ancient wisdom that will help many of us who have been unknowingly shaped by a culture which values speed and transition over stability and spiritual depth.

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