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ViralHope: A Missional Special – Limited Time Only

Because ViralHope is a book designed to go Viral, today on All Things M with Alex McManus, the Ecclesia Press announced an amazing special.  But before sharing that special, let me tell you the thought behind the special.

When you read ViralHope:  Good News from the Urbs to the Burbs, it gives you a sense of fresh hope about what God is doing in and through his people in the world. The way Kelly Monroe Kullberg, author of Finding God Beyond Harvard, said “ViralHope inspires me to live more of the coming Kingdom now.”  On my recent flight to the East Coast, I gave ViralHope to the flight attendant.  She was so excited about it that she sat down and started reading it.  Within five minutes she was wiping tears from her eyes.  It seemed like it was tears of joy.

For the last few years I have been a part of the East Hollywood Neighborhood Council.  They are some great people and everyone is in a different place spiritually.  They all know that I’m a church planter and have enjoyed my participation in the council.  I’m really excited about giving each of them a complimentary copy at our next meeting, because I know the rich dialogue that will come after they read ViralHope.

So the missional special is designed so that not only can you read the book, but you can give the book to a few people whom you are engaging with missionally.  It will provide some rich conversations about the most important news in the world.

So what is the Missional Special?
You can buy 3 books for  $20.00 plus S&H
You can buy 10 books for $65.00 plus S&H

This missional special is for a limited time only, because we probably can’t afford to keep the price this low for too long.  So, now is the time to take advantage of this special.  You can go right to the Ecclesia Press website and order the books.  Spread the Hope!

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