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ViralHope Weekly Update – April 19th, 2010

Here are some highlights of news about ViralHope: Good News from the Urbs to the Burbs (and everything in between) from this past week as well as a peek at the week ahead.


  • I had a radio interview with Alex McManus on All Things M about ViralHope. You can listen to the taped version of the show here at blogtalkradio.
  • ViralHope, as you can see above, at one time this week rose to #44 in all Evangelism books, and 10,494 out of the 4 million books carried on Amazon.
  • The Click to Look Inside feature was added to ViralHope this past week, so people can look at the book online.
  • While we did good on Amazon sales this past week, we sold 10 times as many books through the Ecclesia Press site last week.
  • The Ecclesia Press announced a Missional Special this past week, for a limited time.  Go to the Ecclesia Press to learn more details.
  • The Religious Herald (The Virginia Baptist News Journal) did an article on ViralHope.
  • People continue to tweet about ViralHope, Philip Watkins tweeted, “I have read through almost the entire book of ViralHope in less than 8 hours and feeling like I can take over the world.


  • The Missional Special of ViralHope is available this week.  You can order 3 books for $20 or 10 books for $65.  This is a limited time special, so take advantage.  Learn more about why we are having this missional special.
  • I’ll be meeting some professors from a large University this morning (Monday) to give them complementary copies of ViralHope and talk with them about the possibility of it being a text for their evangelism class.  Pray for that time.
  • We will start Tuesday Tweet Day.  The idea behind this is to tweet something about ViralHope on Tuesdays, linking to Amazon or the Ecclesia Press site as a way to get the word about about ViralHope – A Hope Worth Sharing!


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3. Gospel is both local and viral, say contributors to newly-released book – Religious Herald
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If you know about an article or blog about ViralHope that I missed, just let me know and I will post it next week.

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