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ViralHope Weekly Update – May 10th, 2010

ViralHope at Live LA Church

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Here are some highlights about ViralHope: Good News from the Urbs to the Burbs (and everything in between) from this past week and a peek at some interesting news this coming week.

• Yesterday I shared a message at Live Church LA which meets at Club Nokia downtown at LA Live. I shared a message on the importance of hope and also shared about ViralHope. The church bought a couple of copies for each person who came. People could pick up a copy for themselves and another one if they promised to give it away to someone they have been connecting with. I signed a number of books. The most meaningful book I signed was for a guy who was dying of cancer and wasn’t expected to live past next month. His relative was getting this book for him. My prayer is that it would give him a sense of hope in his last months of life. (If you want me to come and speak at your church, please let me know. We may be able to set something up).
• Here was an encouraging tweet testimonial about ViralHope: chadkmiller @johnchandler really enjoying the viralhope book, I really needed it. It is inspiring me to keep dreaming, which I really needed!
• Chris Ridgeway at theo digital reviews ViralHope. If you have read ViralHope and posted a review, please let me know. If you have read ViralHope and not posted a review, please consider posting on on your blog and/or on Amazon, and then let me know as well. Thanks for your review Chris!
• I met up with Aaron Nee to talk about the possibility of him developing a 30 to 60 second promo for ViralHope. Here is one of the music videos they made that has over 5 million views – Almost Lover, to give you a sense of his work. He and his brother Adam generally work together, you can view the brothers NEE reel here, and learn about them at wikipedia. I’ll be deciding this week if we do this. If you have any thoughts about a video for ViralHope, let me know.
• Christ Church in Fort Wayne, Indiana lists ViralHope in their list of suggested Resurrection Readings, along with a couple of books by N.T. Wright.
• The Well, in Feasterville, PA mentions that ViralHope is available for purchase at their church, in their news for the week section of the web.


• We are seeking to solidify a place in Richmond, VA to have a book release party their in conjuction with Jim Pace and his new book, Should We Fire God? I hope to announce this place this coming week. The tentative date for this event is Wednesday, May 19th. So mark your calendars if you live in the Richmond area. More info soon.
• We are considering having a book release party in the Washington, DC area near the end of May. When we pin down a place and date, I will let you know.
• We are looking into having an ebook version of ViralHope. More news on this later.
• The book release party for LA is set for June 4th. So mark your calendars if you are in the LA area. It will be put on my my friends at All About Happy Hour Los Angeles. Check out their website. You can get a sneak preview of it before they go public with it.

1. Book Review: Viral Hope JR Woodward by Chris Ridgeway of theo digital
2. Resurrection Reading – Christ Church, A Christian Community in Fort Wayne, Indiana
3. News for the Week – The Well, Feasterville, PA. An article from last month that I just found this week.
4. Sundries, A German Blogger blogs about ViralHope – The blogger quotes Todd Hiestands entry.
5. Viral Hope – Michael Cline at Recliner Ramblings posts about ViralHope in hopes of winning a free book from the Englewood Review.
6. ViralHope on Twitter – Here are some of the ViralHope mentions on twitter this past week.

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