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Missional in Suburbia – Take the Survey

My friend Todd Hiestand, who is a pastor at The Well in Suburban Philadelphia and his buddy Michael Wallenmeyer are working on a project on what it means to be missional in suburbia.  There is a groundswell of conversation and questions on how to be missional in suburbia and they are seeking to discovering and developing resources to that end.  You can help them to uncover the unique challenges and opportunities of what it means to be the church in suburbia by answering their short survey.  They really want as many people to fill out the survey as possible, so if you live in the suburbs, here is your chance to contribute.

3 Responses to Missional in Suburbia – Take the Survey

  1. Aaron Smith says:

    They should really get hooked up with Joe Thorn (http://www.joethorn.net/) and Steve McCoy (http://www.stevekmccoy.com/). Both are in the Chicago suburb area, and they have been talking about missional in the suburb context for a while. Sounds like they could all learn and grow from a friendship.

  2. JR Woodward says:


    I will pass that on to them. They may know them already, but if not, I’m sure they will appreciate the connecting. Thanks man.

  3. Aaron, yeah I have been in contact with those guys and we had lunch about a year ago. great guys.

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