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The LA “ViralHope” Book Release Party Postponed until July

I just received word from Joshua at All About Happy Hour that he got a call today from the manager of  J Restaurant & Lounge saying that because of a film shoot for a commercial, the city is closing down all of the roads surrounding the restaurant, so they will not be open for business this Wednesday.  They just found this out today.  What a bummer!  Thus we we need to postpone the ViralHope book release party until next month, as I’m leaving town on Thursday for Denver (Denver 2010), and after that to meet up with my family in Florida for a holiday.  Please pass the word.  A new date is forthcoming, but it will most likely be sometime in July, maybe July 9th. We are hoping to have a definite date by the end of the week.

Here is what Joshua wrote on facebook when he had to cancel the event.  “HOLY CANNOLI THIS IS CRAZINESS!  So J Restaurant, which we still love, just called FREAKIN’ out because they have to close the restaurant on Wednesday!  Yes, the party is canceled until July.  The city JUST notified the restaurant that the streets all around the restaurant will be closed for a COMMERCIAL SHOOT!  They are getting money from the city, but they are closing for the day because no one will be able to access the place via car.  CRAZINESS.  So, obviously, we will be moving our event to a date in July.   SO SORRY EVERYONE, but this is neither J Restaurant’s fault, nor ours, blame it on the man!  One day we will get back at the man and have ourselves one heck of a happy hour shindig!”

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