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Project 365

My friend Matt Bartley turned me on to this app called Project 365, where you take a photo each day of the year that in some way reflects that particular day.  Being someone who enjoys photography, my new iPhone 4 (which takes great pictures), and loves a way to reflect on the year in a creative way, I have to say that I’m really enjoying this app.

The app gives me a reminder that I need to take a photo each day. While one picture never quite captures the day, I try to find a photo that reminds me of some of the things that took place that day.  One of the ways I’m going to use this app is by way of reflection.  When I take time to reflect on my week, my month and when I do an end of the year Grand Examin, not only will it remind me of the year in a creative way, but it will add to my thoughtful reflection of the year.

I just started three days ago, and here are my first photo’s with their captions.

Rob Merrill and the Ecclesia Stockton Tribe

A Day Drive Back to Los Angeles

Andy Bleyer and Todd Hiestand just before we begin an Assessment Interview

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