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Francis Chan – Sharing His Heart about His Calling

I appreciate Francis Chan’s heart.  Here he is sharing about his sense of calling in the next chapter for his life.  He is such an endearing person.  Check out this video.  I think you will appreciate it if you haven’t seen it yet.

What’s Next for Francis Chan? A Conversation with Mark Driscoll and Joshua Harris from Ben Peays on Vimeo.

7 Responses to Francis Chan – Sharing His Heart about His Calling

  1. bobby says:

    Wow. Oddly, I found that video so frustrating to watch. I think the reason is I too love Francis’ heart and get what he’s talking about. I felt like Driscoll and Harris so totally didn’t get it and I was getting strangely annoyed by their questions and perhaps some of the attitude I perceived behind them.

    Maybe it actually drudges up my own issues of so many Christ followers who just don’t get where our hearts are. Thought Francis handled it really well, though.
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Esther says:

    I would have to agree with bobby – while I loved hearing Francis’ heart on this, Driscoll and Harris were driving me nuts.

    I’m curious do they really believe that those who give their whole selves to the poor have bought into some sort of “poverty theology” out of a sense of guilt? Do they really think everyone is that immature?

  3. JR Woodward says:

    Bobby and Esther,

    I hear you on that. I feel this video, at least partially, reveals the heart of each of these guys theology.

  4. At first, I was as bothered as Bobby & Esther, and to a degree I still am. No the other hand, I thought this was a great interview to explore the intersection of some very different views of God & theology. It is rare that such a contrast could happen and remain civil. Much to ponder. Chan has earned a great deal of respect from me in this video.

  5. JR Woodward says:


    You are right. Without the different views, and the contrast, we might not have seen and heard what we did.

  6. Dave says:

    Yea I found it amazing that pretty much the entire interview Chan finds himself defending his heart and convictions rather than being encouraged. Tons of respect for a guy who can do that without the support of his peers. Why is it that some Christians try to make us more comfortable rather than less? Is it because they don’t want to be uncomfortable themselves?

  7. Joe says:

    I watched the interview and I totally get Chan. When looking purely at the biblical example of a new testament Christian, and then comparing it in contrast to the messages, values, and activities that you see in many of the contemporary churches, they seem to appear so different from each other. So Chan can either spend a lot of energy keeping the “organization machine” rolling while attempting to implement what he really believes they should be doing, or rebuild the house from the ground up. I am interested to hear about his next chapter.

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