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LA 2010: Speaker Themes – Kevin Doi

With LA 2010 right around the corner, I will be posting specific ways that people are going to address our theme of discipleship. I will share the title of their talk, the talk in a sentence and the talk in a paragraph. For a full list of the speakers and details about this UNconference, check out this LA 2010 post. Please RSVP for this event on our facebook event page. We have a seating capacity, so those who register on facebook will have first priority.  Here is what Kevin Doi will be addressing.

Title: Land of Minute Made

Talk in a Sentence: Discipleship is more slow cook than it is microwave popcorn.

Talk in a Paragraph: The microwave oven was supposed to revolutionize cooking. Instead it brought us a slew of products only disguised as the real thing.  The microwave never did replace conventional cooking. The same can said about discipleship.  Microwave discipleship is quick and easy and may even look appealing, but ultimately it’s not satisfying or easy to digest.  Slow-cook discipleship requires vision, time, and hard work.

Kevin Doi is the founding pastor of Epic Church, a multi-cultural expression of Jesus through community, justice, and healing in downtown Fullerton. Kevin is co-founder of JOYA Scholars, a non-profit inspiring and preparing students from low-income communities in Fullerton toward higher education. You can find Kevin blogging at Life in Progress and tweeting @KevinDoi.

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