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Celebrate My Birthday Today by Helping to Fund a New Business in Lodwar, Kenya

Please take two minutes to listen to Rose Amanman’s story.

I am a very blessed man.  God has provided for me richly by giving me great friends and a meaningful calling in life to pursue.  Just this past month my friend Mike Thomas and I took another trip to Kenya through Dubai.  Our purpose was to strengthen our micro-grant program with the Solis Foundation where we walk with the poorest of the poor in arguably the roughest town in Kenya – Lodwar. With our US board and Kenya Board fully set up, as well as having a fully trained Kenya staff, we are ready to fund ten new businesses this year, and thirty businesses in 2012. This is where you come in.

It will only take $3,000 for us to fund ten new businesses this next year, for $300 will fully fund a new business and bless three families.  In the past two weeks we have raised $1,000, so I’m hoping we can raise the remaining $2,000 before the end of the year.  If you want to celebrate my birthday with me through a gift, please consider giving something toward this worthy project, and in this way you will walk with the poor by helping them become an agent in overcoming their own poverty.

If you want to understand how much your gift would mean, go back and listen to Rose Amanman’s story. Or check out James Esinyen’s story. Maybe you can fund an entire new business today for $300, or maybe you can fund part of that business. Like John Wesley said, “Give till it hurts. Give till it stops hurting.” Thanks for your prayerful consideration.

In this video you can learn more about life in Lodwar, Kenya. The video starts out dark with no sound, keep watching and you will be touched by this raw footage.

Lodwar from Three Angles from JR Woodward on Vimeo.

One Response to Celebrate My Birthday Today by Helping to Fund a New Business in Lodwar, Kenya

  1. nancy e says:

    WOW .. God bless you in this project. I am praying for the remaining money to come in for funding more businessess among these precious people. As I watch, I can just about feel the intense heat and smell the smells . .. .
    I have been living/working among Sudanese for some time now and am familiar with many similar life stories among that people group .. .yet . ..I wonder HOW your church is able to be successful at placing money into the hands of these nationals? I have found that over the past 13 years, any attempt to ‘help’ in this way, has inevitably lead to corruption and greed and rarely led to success and money being used wisely. HOW do you give to the individuals or families and what accountability structure do you use, if any? Do you have someone on the ‘ground’ in Lodwar and other areas of investment .. into whose hands you pass these grants, and then who follows the family or individual, making sure they are investing properly? It’s terrible being poor, and we’ve seen that placing a sum of money into the hands of someone who is desperately needy sometimes creates the dilemma of desiring to use that for meeting an instant, felt need, rather than following through with the concept of investment. Investment is certainly a foreign idea in most of impoverished Africa.

    Anyway, I’d be interested to know the ‘system’ that you’ve found to work, as a church.
    Blessings on you, this day, this year . .. and Happy B-Day.

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