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LA 2010: Speaker Themes – Aaron Chung

LA 2010 starts TONIGHT (7 p.m. Sharp) – Friday, November 5th and ends on Saturday November 6th. For a full list of the speakers and details about this UNconference, check out this LA 2010 post. Please RSVP for this event on our facebook event page. We have a seating capacity, so those who register on facebook will have first priority. Here is the topic Aaron Chung will be addressing.

Title: The Mirror Effect

Talk in a Sentence: “Be imitators of me, as I am of Christ.” (I Cor. 11:1)

Talk in a Paragraph: Discipleship happens two ways. First, by mirroring other godly men and women. Second, my mirroring Christ.

Aaron Chung – was raised in the NJ/NYC area.  He graduated from Rutgers University and Westminster Seminary California where he received his Master of Divinity.  Upon graduation, Aaron spent two years as a missionary in Far East Asia.  Since then he has been at City Light Church in Downtown LA, which he helped to plant five years ago. In the future, Aaron plans to write his first book and to go overseas to train native pastors.

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