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Voting Resources for Californians

You may have voted early, or maybe you are a bit behind in preparing to vote tomorrow. If that is the case, I would recommend that you check out the California Voter Foundation. Their California Online Voter guide is excellent. When it comes to the various propositions we need to vote on, they give you links to both sides of the argument. In addition, you can follow the money on the propositions, as they give you the top five donors for each proposition, and how much they contributed. Not only that, but they have compiled a list of their top ten online resources for this election. So if you still need to do your homework, you have some time.

Another tool that you might find useful is the Build Your Ballot put out by the LA Times. The beauty of this resource is after your research, you can put your choices here, and print out your ballot to take with you.

One of the most interesting propositions this year is Prop 19 – the legalization of marijuana. Here is the website for Yes on 19, and here is the website for No on 19. Check out all the propositions at the California Voter Guide. Happy Voting.

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