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Soul Daddy – America’s Next Great Restaurant

I don’t know if you have had a chance to watch this new NBC reality TV series called America’s Next Great Restaurant, but I’ve had the chance to follow it a bit on Hulu.

This last week was the finale of the series.  It started with ten contestants who had 10 concepts for the next restaurant that is designed to have a fast food orientation, like Chipotle’s.  You have four investors, who with the help of a variety of foodies and others helped to narrow the field down to three restaurant concepts.  The four investors/judges were Bobby Flay, Curtis Stone, Lorena Garcia and Chipotle founder Steve Ells.  The final three restaurant ideas included Sudhir Kandula’s Spice Coast, which featured Indian cuisine, Joey Galluzzi’s Brooklyn Meatball Co which featured, you guessed it, meatballs.  And Jamawn Woods Soul Daddy‘s, which features healthy soul food.  Jamawn Woods ended up winning the contest.  I enjoyed the show, because unlike some reality shows, the reality in this one is that the winner actually opened up three new restaurants in LA, NYC and Minneapolis.

I had a few visitors in town this week and they wanted to treat me to lunch, so I took them to Soul Daddy’s at Hollywood and Highland, on the 4th floor.  It was actually the first day they were open, so it was great to be able to meet Jamawn in person.  I decided to take a picture with him.  He is a great guy.  He will be moving with his family here to LA and primarily work at this restaurant.   He will also be making visits to the Soul Daddy’s in Minneapolis at the Mall of America, and in NYC at 189 Front Street.

We were there at around 4:30 p.m. and the store was pretty full, especially for being in-between lunch and dinner.  The prices were reasonable, the menu simple, the environment was awesome.  I decided to check out the country style ribs, cheese grits and the black-eyed pea salad.  I loved each dish.  Next time I want to try the roasted pulled pork, with the cabbage slaw and collard greens. If you find yourself at Hollywood and Highland, and are hungry, it is worth the visit.

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