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My Favorite Coffee Shop in LA

I enjoy a good cup of coffee, or a chai latte and sometimes a cafe mocha. When I’m reading a book or looking to meet up with someone aside from breakfast, lunch or dinner, a coffee shop provides a great place to meet up, apart from my apartment or their place. My place of preference has quickly become Intelligentsia Coffee & Tea at Sunset Junction in Silver Lake, just down the street from my apartment on Hollywood Blvd.

The only problem with Intelligentsia is that after having a cup of coffee or mocha there, it is difficult to drink the coffee and mocha’s served up at other places. The quality, the excellence of process, the care by the baristas just ends with a supreme cup of enjoyment.

I was looking to meet up with a screen writer and film producer friend this week, and they lived right by sunset junction. So I called them to see if they had time to talk. They were at work and suggested that we meet at another cafe by their work. My heart sunk a bit, because I was so looking forward to my cafe mocha at Intelligentsia’s. But I still had some hope, since it was a coffee shop in Los Feliz that I haven’t yet visited. Since this coffee shop was right by his office, it seemed best to meet there. The cafe was a nice little cafe, the pastries looked delicious, though my diet prevented me from tasting any of them. But the only word fitting for the cup of coffee I had at this place was “horrible”. I could only take a couple of sips.

I told my friend that Intelligentisa has kind of spoiled me, because it is hard to find a place that compares. If you haven’t checked out Intelligentsia yet, you should. They are in Chicago and LA. In the LA area, they have cafe’s in Venice, Silver Lake and Pasadena.

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  1. B.D. says:

    Intelligentsia is legit. Being in Portland, I feel like I’m spoiled by a lot of good coffee that has led to a similar experience at other places when I travel.

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