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This Week with Henri Nouwen

“When we have been deeply hurt by another person, it is nearly impossible not to have hostile thoughts, feelings of anger or hatred, and even a desire to take revenge.  All of this often happens spontaneously, without much inner control.  We simply find ourselves brooding about what we are going to say or do to pay back the person who has hurt us.  To choose blessings instead of curses in such a situation asks for an enormous leap of faith.  It calls for a willingness to go beyond all our urges to get even and to choose a life-giving response.

Sometimes this seems impossible.  Still, whenever we move beyond our wounded selves and claim our God-given selves, we give life not just to ourselves but also to the ones who have offended us.” – Henri Nouwen

3 Responses to This Week with Henri Nouwen

  1. I really like the lay out of your blog. It’s orderly and excellently done. I believe I am of a somewhat different persuasion than you but many things I see that we share. I believe that real faith is a thing that a religion of mere symbols only diminishes. I am fond of your using a Quaker approach, I respect them highly and believe we need more Quaker activists in our day and time. I don’t believe that we are always hurt by other people, we are hurt plenty by life itself. I also feel that taking up one’s cross meant that we must first feel what happened to us before we can grieve what we lost and quit struggling for false hopes in this world. Finally then having let go of what we lost we can forgive. I have seen a lot of people who forgive with their words but their faces and hearts reveal another story. Repentance is always helped by finally forgiving from our hearts, but we must first feel what happened and give ourselves time to grieve. I think this is an important factor in our view of justice as well, because many who judge have never taken up their cross in life and are bent on a path of punishment, often professing to forgive, but never really understanding what hurt can do to themselves or others. Thank you for a very nice read. David Mitchel Stow

  2. Scott says:

    Thanks JR – I really needed that quote today…

  3. JR Woodward says:

    Cool. Glad it is was helpful.

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