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Praying with Eddie Askew

Reality or illusion…
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It’s no dream, no fantasy.
You are here in the world you made.
You living Lord.
Not sitting in the sky,
But here, sharing it with me.
Sharing the pain and disappointment.
Sharing the joy and the love.

Lord, help me to see you
standing there.
Help me to understand
that pain is only one face of reality.
Help me to realize
that laughter and friendship and love
are part of our cleansing,
and just as real
as the rest.
Help me to feel the reality
of your love.
Its power, its strength.
Joy bubbling in me
from your eternal springs of life.
I hear cries of pain.
But I also hear birdsong,
the whispers of lovers.
The laughter of children.
The voices of friends.
And in the voices
your voice.

Thank you, Lord.
I can face reality
with you.

Eddie Askew from Disguises of Love

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