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What would happen if one of the worlds most acclaimed violinist plays some of the most elegant music written on a $3.5 million dollar violin at a Washington D.C. subway incognito?  Would people stop their mad dash and listen?  Would the crowd grow so huge that security would have a huge job on their hands?  Would people just go by as if nothing meaningful was happening?

Check out this fascinating article by the Washington Post to find out what actually happened. Make sure you watch the video in the article.

HT: Kristof Burm


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  1. JR just stumbled upon this article elsewhere and led me to your blog. I am a great fan of the Ecclesia network and that article. Was hoping to subscribe to your blog, but cannot find the place to do that…Also I am a friend of Scott Emery who is part of the Ecclesia network -maybe you know him? He has a church plant in Phoenix, NY. Thanks, Chad.

  2. JR Woodward says:


    Hey. You can subscribe a couple of ways. On the top right hand of the blog there is a rss feed. You can also input it on google reader or whatever reader you happen to use. Hope that helps.

  3. Arlene says:

    Thanks for the good watch…It is amazing how we as humans get too busy to see the things that are beautiful..I often wonder how many times I have hurried on to be somewhere and then missed the little surprises God had for me to bless me…like little flowers hidden in the cracks of the sidewalk which shouldn’t be there but God had them blooming just for me when I passed by…or the wonderful smells or cool breezes He gives us just to say “Hello, I am here”…it is totally awesome the beauty we can behold thru our eyes, ears, noses, tastes…JR may God bless you with something little this weekend to remind you that even in the small stuff He wants to say “Hello my friend!”

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