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Epic Fail Pastors Conference – 2012

If you want to go to a unique conference, this is the one to check out. My friend J.R. Briggs got this idea a year and a half ago as he was checking out the humorous Epic Fail site. They had the first Epic Fail conference last year and it was quite meaningful for each of the participants.

He thought: “What if we offered a space that is gutsy, hopeful, courageously vulnerable for pastors to let go of the burden to be a Super Pastor? What if we could hold an event that was free from the thrills and frills of other pastors conferences? What if we came together as epic failures and sought not successful models or how-do’s but instead celebrated faithfulness in ministry because of the reality of Jesus? What if we were reminded that we’re not responsible for being ‘successful’ in ministry, but we are responsible for being faithful to the calling that God has laid out for us – regardless of the outcome? What if we had a conference that was led not by famous pastors who are household names, but by scandalously ordinary ministers and leaders who are faithfully attempting to join with God – even in the midst of glaring obscurity and anonymity?”

After such an amazing conference last year, Brigg’s and team are organizing another conference this year. Here is some helpful information for you.

When: March 22nd – 24th
Where: True Worship Experience – 374 East Willow Dr, Mansfield, OH 44906
Cost: $89

For more details and to register, go to the Epic Fail Conference website or go to J.R. Briggs site where J.R. talks about the conference more in depth.

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  1. marc eckel says:

    Greetings in the name of the Lord:

    I am a Christian Performance Artist with Splat Experience. Came upon your upcoming conference and wanted to introduce myself to you in hopes you might consider us to perform this year or in the years to come. We have traveled extensively around the United States, Canada, Europe and Asia, and on several tours with Casting Crowns.

    What we offer is a unique painting presentation which comes to life before your eyes in a matter of minutes painted with bare hands! We have done many conventions and conferences over our ten year history and would love to talk more with you about what you are doing.

    Thanks for your time and consideration!
    Lord bless

    Marc Eckel
    Performance Artist – Splat Experience
    Creative Director – Blue Spaghetti LLC

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