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Dead Men Rising – The Death of Sin, The Rise of Grace

A few months ago I finished Jonathan William’s book called Dead Men Rising: The Death of Sin, The Rise of Grace.  It was a great read by a person that I’ve known for some time, a person I trust, and deeply respect.  While you can pre-order the book, it’s release date is June 1st, 2012.  You can read some excerpts here. It is a book worth reading, and re-reading for that matter. Jonathan says that “Our greatest battle today is not with terrorism, too much government, or secularism – it’s our battle with sin.”

Here is the endorsement that I wrote for the book.

“Joining God in the renewal of all things requires that we understand how to appropriate God’s grace in the redemption of our own lives.  For the greatest obstacle to mission is ourselves.  Jonathan Williams in Dead Men Rising shares the fruit of his lifelong quest to discern what it means to be dead to sin and alive to Christ. His biblical exposition of Romans 6:1-14 avoids common double talk and gives us an interpretation that is true to life and scripture.  This book will help the church become mature, fully human, and fully alive like Christ.” – JR Woodward

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