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The Road Trip that Changed the World

Recently I finished reading Mark Sayers upcoming book entitled The Road Trip that Changed the World: The Unlikely Theory that will Change How You View Culture, the Church, and, Most Important, Yourself.  I was glad to see a title that was longer than my upcoming book. lol.  The release date for Mark’s book is May 1, 2012, but you can pre-order the book now with a 48% discount. Not too bad.  I wanted to give you the description of the book, followed by my endorsement.  As the date of the books release draws closer, I’m planning on interviewing Mark about the book.

Book Description (As on Amazon)
What if the problem is us? Sixty years ago a goatee beard would have gotten you beat up in a lot of places. Chin fuzz was the symbol of the Beats or Beatniks, a mid-century, marginal group who pioneered a new kind of lifestyle. Their approach to life was hedonistic, experiential, fluid, and individualistic. Their contradictory approach to spirituality combined a search for God with a search for ‘kicks’.

In 1947, these Beatnik heroes set out on a road trip across America re-writing the “life-script”; of all future generations. Theirs was a new kind of lifestyle for a secular age. Their lives then (like so many of our lives now) were built upon experience, pleasure, mobility and self-discovery. They would also model a new approach to faith: desiring Christ, while still pursuing a laundry list of vices. Yet this dream would turn into a nightmare and the open road would lead back to an ancient half-forgotten path.This was a path trodden by millions of feet over thousands of years. It was a path that began with a single step of faith as a pilgrim named Abraham stepped away from a cynical culture. A path of devotion that would lead to a cross on a hill named Golgotha.

My Endorsement
“As a keen student of culture, Mark Sayers unpacks how the primary narrative we inhabit will either lead us on the road, trying to capture as many “woosh” experiences as we can, or enable us to take the road less traveled.  Mark unmasks the road trip marked by radical individualism, “friends with benefits” and pop spirituality, and calls us to quench our thirst through the transcendent God and follow the way of the cross, covenantal community and self-sacrifice.  If the church is going to answer her sacred calling and not allow the culture of the road to squeeze the life out of her, this book is a must read!”  You can pre-order the book on amazon at a great price right now, and Barnes and Noble is one-upping Amazon by selling it at at 49% discount. Get it while the getting is good.


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