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Interview with Jamie Arpin-Ricci Author of “The Cost of Community” – Part 6

This is the final segment of my interview with Jamie, which is kind of sad, because I have thoroughly enjoyed hearing his responses to my questions. As I’ve said before, The Cost of Community was one of my top five reads this past year.  It’s a book worth getting.  If you haven’t had a chance to order it yet, now is the time.

JR:  How have people been most challenge?

Jamie: That’s a great question.  Actually, it is a question I would love for readers of my book to answer.  So if you are reading this and have read my book, let us know what has most challenged you in the book.

What most challenges me is to continually hold the Sermon on the Mount before me on a regular basis.  This isn’t the story about a season in our churches life that is now in the past.  We are committed to living the teachings of Jesus every day.  That is important to remember as we are drawn to the new and novel (or the easy and comfortable)

JR: Is there anything else that you would like to share about the book?

Jamie: While it might seem self-evident in the title, this book is best read in community.  Obviously most people buy and read books alone- and The Cost of Community will obviously have value for those individuals too.  However, if you have read the book alone, I would encourage you to get a small group of trusted friends, read it together and consider the implications.  Then experiment on living it together where ever you are.  Those are the stories I am most excited to hear about.



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