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Monday Morning Medicine

“A cheerful heart is good medicine.” Prov. 17:22 a

Yesterday I posted some quite witty April Fools videos. Since this is the Monday Morning Medicine just after April Fools, I thought I would post one more April fools video that was put out by BBC. Check it out.

2 Responses to Monday Morning Medicine

  1. Arlene says:

    OK I am theeee most gullable person alive BUT I have to ask…is that true? They really can fly and that’s an awesome documentary OR you are pulling my leg?? In my defense my Dad used to stage fake birds in the trees and when I came home from college he would get me excited by staging a “wow come look at ____(out came the bonoculars)” and I would run to see this bird that traveled just to be at our house…I wasn’t playing with him…I bought it every time…My sister did some research on Penguines in the Antarchtica…the pictures were awesome…God sure is creative and yes JR, you are funny!!

  2. Arlene says:

    OK my dear theologian friend JR..here is my question…when sharing Christ with a classmate tonight….she mentioned various times that she is dyslectic(oops, spelling?)….so would it be better to talk more about dog to her or God??….oh the things that come to your mind as you listen to people 🙂

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