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This Week with Henri Nouwen

“Traveling – seeing new sights, hearing new music, and meeting new people – is exciting and exhilarating. But when we have no home to return to where someone will ask us, “How was your trip?” we might be less eager to go. Traveling is joyful when we travel with the eyes and ears of those who love us, who want to see our slides and hear our stories.

This is what life is about. It is being sent on a trip by a loving God, who is waiting at home for our return and is eager to watch the slides we took and hear about the friends we made. When we travel with the eyes and ears of the God who sent us, we will see wonderful sights, hear wonderful sounds, meet wonderful people … and be happy to return home.” – Henri Nouwen

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  1. Arlene says:

    I personally can’t wait to “see your slides” and hear of your stories…though in Arlene humor…I assume you really are just going to post digital pics…LOL..please keep us posted as to prayer requests and an updated budget for the un[Embraced]….and of course because we have technology…any updates would be muchly appriciated….you go with much love & prayers from us supporting you…and when I come to visit(Lord willing) I would love sitting thru a slide show complete with stories….IF there was popcorn :)…I thank God that you love people like God does…eager to be their friends for all eternity..God is good!!

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