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The Official Release of “Creating a Missional Culture” and Ways You Can Spread the Word

After twelve years of dwelling deeply on the topic, ten years of putting it into practice, and close to a year of writing, re-writing, editing and copy editing, I’m excited to announce that the official release of Creating a Missional Culture:  Equipping the Church for the Sake of the World is finally here!  Many have told me that they received their print copy of the book today.  So it is now in stock at Amazon, Barnes and Noble and available at your favorite book store.

I hope you will join me in my joy by helping to spread the word about the book.  I’m convinced that it will help the church develop missional disciples who live in the world, for the sake of the world in the way of Christ. You can click here to get an overview of the book, a link to the endorsements, as well as a  free sample chapter.

Here are five ways you can help spread the word about the release of the book.

1. Buy the book. Buy the book for yourself, buy the book for your Pastor(s) or fellow pastors, buy the book for your staff and leadership community and others (professors, teachers etc) that you think might benefit from it.

2. Read and review the book. Find a group to read the book with and then have each person write a review of the book on Amazon, Good Reads and/or your blog (if you have one).

3. Invite me to come speak. I have put space in my schedule to speak more this coming year, so feel free to invite me to speak at your church, gathering, retreat or conference about some of the themes of the book.

4. Let me know about missional resource sites. Let me know about book review sites or group websites that resource missional leaders, so I can give them complimentary copies for a free giveaway.

5. Share with your social networks. You can do this in many ways. First, you can simply like and share this post with your facebook friends, your google plus connections, your linkin in contacts and/or your twitter followers. Besides that, as you start to read the book you can tweet or facebook various quotes that you find helpful like Seth did here, or Zach did here.

I would deeply appreciate anything you can do to get the word out. And please pray that God might use this book to bless people so that they in turn might bless others. Thanks ahead of time.  Also, let people know about this website.  I have designed this website to equip God’s people to create missional culture.  You will find encouragement, free resources and places to dialogue about how to do this throughout the site.  Finally, if you want to “like” my authors page, it will help you keep up with the latest about the book.

7 Responses to The Official Release of “Creating a Missional Culture” and Ways You Can Spread the Word

  1. samwel kaaleng the Bishop iphckenya says:

    Hi, iam pleased of realise of Creating amissional culture this real Book of missional culture

  2. Candice says:

    When will it be available on Nook?

  3. JR Woodward says:

    Bishop Kaaleng, thank you for your comment and please keep me in your prayers and pray that God would allow me to get the word out about the book in creative ways.

  4. JR Woodward says:


    Unfortunately, as far as ebooks, it will only be available on the kindle. Does the nook have a kindle app like the ipad does? If not, I would suggest the print version, which is beautiful.

  5. Jesus Labs says:

    I just ordered it with great excitement!

  6. JR Woodward says:

    Thanks bro. Love for you to put up a review after you read it. Peace.

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