Equipping God's People to Create Missional Culture

Exploring the New Website – Part 6

I have a couple of more things I want to show you on this website including an obvious one today, and that is the section about the book Creating a Missional Culture.  The purpose of this site is to help you be a part of creating a missional culture in the congregation in which you serve or are a part.  The book obviously will be a big help with that, but I’ve included a number of things which compliment the book on the site as well.  But let’s take a moment to see what is directly related to the book.

First you have the book page, which has a link to all things about the book, including a list of endorsements, a free sample chapter of the book, frequently asked questions as well as the latest in reviews and interviews.

The book page also has a helpful synopsis of the book.  So take some time to explore these various elements related to the book itself.  Also, feel free to check out this video about the book.

JR Woodward, author of Creating a Missional Culture from InterVarsity Press on Vimeo.

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