Equipping God's People to Create Missional Culture

The Online Pulpit Article

So InterVarsity Press has a helpful blog called The Online Pulpit designed to be an encouragement for pastors.  Here are some snippets from the middle of the article I wrote for the blog that just posted yesterday entitled – Five Environments Needed to Create Missional Culture.  You can go to the sight to read it in its entirety.

Creating a missional culture develops a current within the congregation that enables people to catch the wind of the Holy Spirit and live missional lives. So what are the different environments necessary to create a missional culture?…

…A healing environment allows people to work through their past hurts and move toward a sense of wholeness and holiness in the context of community. A healing environment is developed when people sense an atmosphere of acceptance, where they understand that others are for them, no matter what they do. We are told to accept one another, just as Christ has accepted us (Rom 15:7). Being “for people” also means desiring God’s best for their lives. A healing environment can be cultivated as people find true friendships where they can be open and vulnerable.

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