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Exploring the New Website – Part 7

To help acquaint you to my new website, I’m doing a series where I introduce you to different parts of the website, from information about the five equippers in Ephesians 4, to resources you can find to help you create a missional culture in the church(es) you serve.

Today I want to take a look at the equippers section.  First, I give a very general introduction to the equippers in writing as well as in a video clip (which you will find below).  Also, if you take your mouse and run over the five different icons at the top of the website, you will notice that you can click on each of the icons to learn more about apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers.  I give both a page description of each of the equippers as well as a short video clip describing each one.

Finally, if you look over on the left side of this blog, you can click on the free equipper assessment.  You can take the assessment in order to help you discern your primary and secondary callings, ministry and/or equipping types.  My friend Eric developed this assessment. I am currently in the process of developing my assessment of the five-fold typology.   It should be ready before years end.

10 Responses to Exploring the New Website – Part 7

  1. Care to guess at my assessment? I think it was fairly accurate.

  2. JR Woodward says:


    We haven’t had much personal contact, but I would guess that prophet is high up there, but it also seems you have pastor, teacher, apostle in the mix somewhere. What was your order?

  3. Good call:

    1. Light Giver (Teacher)
    2. Heart Revealer (Prophet)
    3. Soul Healer (Pastor)
    4. Dream Awakener (Apostle)
    5. Story Teller (Evangelist)

  4. JR Woodward says:

    Yeah, as I was working through yours, I started to realize how strong the teacher part was, just through reading your book. But the prophet and pastors seemed high, and then with you starting something new, the apostle element came in there as well. I totally see that. One of my friends calls a Teacher/Prophet a scribe, someone who brings fresh application of learning. Cool.

  5. arlenerauen says:

    After reading this like over an hour ago I pondered this interaction btw you 2 guys and wondered if our current circumstances would affect our answers and thus affect who we think we are @ the core…someone with a major shift in income & lifestyle might surface prophetic gifting much the same way someone going thru a relational loss like divorce or death of a love one might be more prone to want to create more of a family environment(soul healer) to suppliment the loss they feel..Just thinking here :)

  6. arlenerauen says:

    Thats great Jamie…gotta love the affirmations tests/assessments can make…my statement was a general one as I think life is alot more stressful these days..I am excited to see this unfold more and hear of the practicals from people freed up to serve..thanks for the comments!

  7. Not sure how easy it would be, but I would have been curious to see a numeric count for each point of the assessment. Possible 2.0 option?

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