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Statement of Faith Project – Part 6

I’m continuing to share my first attempt to draft a statement of faith with a broad evangelical posture. This project was started from a commission to write a statement for a particular organization, and to do so within particular parameters. This has shaped my approach deeply.

Thanks for the interaction on my previous posts, on the Triune God, scripture, humanity, the Gospel and Jesus Christ.  I appreciate your feedback on each of these entries, because it will help the final version be that much better! Here is my concise statement about the Holy Spirit.

Holy Spirit
God’s Spirit gives light to all people and woos all people to God.  The Spirit shares the same divinity as the Father and the Son, and is given as a gift from the Father and Son to move the church forward in mission.  The Spirit produces fruit in God’s people and distributes gifts to the church to build the community so that the church can faithfully proclaim the good news of Christ.  The Spirit tugs on those who are apart from Christ, assures us of our salvation, comforts us when we are down, guides us when we are confused and empowers us to be witnesses of God’s grace through Christ in the world.

My next concise statement will be on the church.

3 Responses to Statement of Faith Project – Part 6

  1. I would want to emphasize the role of the Holy Spirit in being the uniting force of God for incarnational life- that is, the Spirit makes us the Body of Christ and empowers us to be the presence and do the work of Jesus in the world.

  2. JR Woodward says:


    Helping us maintain the unity is a vital role and I really like the “presence” and incarnational language. Your comments are incredibly helpful, and will make a stronger final statement. Thanks bro.

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