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This Week with Henri Nouwen

The words I chose from Henri Nouwen today talk about how those who have gone before us continue to journey with us.  I choose these words from Nouwen, today, because this is the day I will give the sermon at my fathers funeral.  Please pray that God would use my words to honor my father and to help our family freshly give our lives to God, so that we might be a blessing to others for his glory.  Now for for Henri Nouwen.

“Belonging to the communion of saints means being connected with all people transformed by the Spirit of Jesus.  This connection is deep and intimate.  Those who have lived as brothers and sisters of Jesus continue to live within us, even though they have died, just as Jesus continues to live within us, even though he has died.

We live our lives in memory of Jesus and the saints, and this memory is a real presence.  Jesus and his saints are part of our most intimate and spiritual knowledge of God.  They inspire us, guide us, encourage us, and give us hope.  They are the source of our constant transformation.  Yes, we carry them in our bodies and thus keep them alive for all with whom we live and work.” – Henri Nouwen

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